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WELCOME TO “MUSIC AND MUSINGS”!!! My name is Thomas Lunsford and I am a piano player who has been at this thing called music for the better part of my life. After talking with my wife and other friends of mine, I was encouraged to start a blog. At first I was like, “A blog? HA!” Then I thought about how I do like to write about music and the world around me in general. THEN I thought to myself “If I write anything, I wonder if anyone would read it?” Therefore, the fact that YOU are even reading this blog means that you saw something of interest here. It is my hope that something that you read on this blog will help you, encourage you, or just make you chuckle quietly to yourself as you’re reading it. 
You’ll notice that the tagline says “C# so you can B#”. A little play on words, but the meaning is all too serious. The blogs that I will be posting are geared towards musicians to encourage them to be mindful of what they do, be well-rounded in their approach to what they do, and provide some tips, tricks, and wisdom that will hopefully help them along the way. In essence, SEE SHARP SO YOU CAN BE SHARP!
I encourage you all to share your thoughts in the comment section. Although I would love to hear from musicians primarily, all shared wisdom is invited because shared wisdom is valuable to everybody and makes us all stronger as a result.
This is going to be an interesting writing journey for me and I hope that it is an interesting reading/contributing journey for you. God bless you and stay tuned (or, at least, logged in).

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