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Keep the CHRIST in Christmas

MERRY (early) CHRISTMAS!!! This will be my last blog for the year 2014 and I wanted to leave you with a simple message. Keep the Christ in Christmas. With the commercialization of Christmas, it’s easy to get caught in the superficiality of Christmas and totally miss the substance. Three examples of things that I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks leading up to this Christmas are as follows:

1) Of course we know about the Christmas sales at your local retail store, but the lengths that they are going to to get your hard earned money is staggering. I brought a Christmas gift for my wife and apparently earned $15 of store credit that I could only use in the store between a Tuesday and a Thursday on a given week (which didn’t benefit me AT ALL since I get paid—much like everybody else—on Friday’s).

2) On my local radio stations, I KNOW I’ve heard more Christmas songs (or at least Christmas-based songs) on the non-Gospel, light music radio station than I do on the ACTUAL Gospel station. Christmas has the word CHRIST in it and, logically, the Christian’s on the Gospel station should be playing some sort of Jesus-based Christmas songs for the holiday season. Definitely something wrong with that.

3) As I was watching TV the other day, I saw a commercial for a new movie coming out at the top of January titled “The Woman In Black 2 Angels of Death” and I was like “Seriously? You’re going to put a horror movie out RIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS???” Definitely something wrong with that too.

So what does all of this mean? When we remove Christ from Christmas, all we have is time off from work with no real significance. Therefore I urge you to take a little time out and say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!” Put yourself in Jesus’ shoe for a second. What if every time your birthday came around, people gave gifts to everyone else EXCEPT YOU? How would you feel?

Bottom line, keep the Christ in Christmas! Why? Because there ain’t no Santa Claus coming down your chimney tonight.

Better yet, you should hear the “No Santa” musical message from YPJ (Youth Pastor J) and FVC.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! More blogs to come in early 2015!!! Stay tuned…


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