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5 Things I’m Not So Fond Of About Thanksgiving

As we all know, Thanksgiving was this last past Thursday. Amid the turkeys, gravies, stuffings, various side dishes and desserts, I took a lot of observations. Usually I’m pretty observant, but, knowing that I have to write a blog, I try to kick my observations up a notch (so I’ll have something to write about). Therefore, I’d like to share with you “5 Things I’m Not So Fond Of About Thanksgiving” (in order of “this bugs me” to “this makes me pull my hair out of my head”).

Are you ready for the countdown?… Let’s go!

#5 – The Guilt… Oh The Guilt

So Thanksgiving is one of those days where you eat, eat, eat, and eat some more. Because you don’t get that level, quality, or capacity of food on a regular basis, it leads to overeating. Overeating leads to tummy aches. Tummy aches lead to remorse. Remorse leads to (drumroll please) GUILT!

(Oh yeah… I definitely felt guilty last week.)

#4 – Traveling

Not that any of you out there in blog land would know this, but I travel a lot. Everything from the morning commute back and forth to work, the weekly commute back and forth to church, or to the many places where I teach music (which can vary depending on the time of year). Needless to say, I travel all the time, but there’s just something about traveling when I should be resting that’s just… uncivilized.

#3 – Traveling with Non-Drivers

So to add to all of this, there’s nothing worse than traveling on the road with non-drivers (or, as my parents like to say, drivers who got their driver’s licenses from JCPenney). They either drive too slow, incoherently, or don’t think ahead (making them cross over 3-4 interstate lanes to get to an exit). Lord have mercy!

#2 – Traveling with Non-Drivers Who Have Nice Cars

So this is a new pet peeve of mine, but it’s creeped up my “Not So Fond Of” list pretty quickly. In #3 I mentioned drivers that drive too slow. Well add to that those same drivers are in cars that are KNOWN to “run”. For example, WHY OH WHY are you driving a (take your pick):

Any vehicle with a V8 (or even V6) engine
Any vehicle with a Hemi
(add additional fast cars here)

…and going 10 UNDER the speed limit? Anytime I can pass you in my aging vehicle as you plunk along make me… impatient.

#1 – The Commercialization of the Holy Days

Did you know that the etymology behind the word “Holiday” comes from the combination of “Holy Day”? Even if you didn’t know that, Thanksgiving is a day set aside to give (drumroll yet again…) THANKS. Therefore, it’s hard for me to watch the commercialization of Thanksgiving and the even greater offense of the commercialization of Christmas (but that’s a blog for another time). Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and I recently learned about Small Business Saturday. Ultimately three days to help you skip the entire point that if it weren’t for Thanksgiving Day, none of these “commercial holidays” would even exist. It diminishes the meaning of Thanksgiving because if you think about it, what are you really saying?…

“I am thankful… but as soon as I buy that 99% off TV that I have to fight my fellow family, friends, neighbors, and strangers over I’ll be even MORE thankful.”


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