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5 Things I Absolutely Love About Thanksgiving

As we all know, Thanksgiving was this last past Thursday. Amid the turkeys, gravies, stuffings, various side dishes and desserts, I took a lot of observations. Usually I’m pretty observant, but, knowing that I have to write a blog, I try to kick my observations up a notch (so I’ll have something to write about). Therefore, I’d like to share with you “5 Things I Absolutely Love About Thanksgiving” (in order of pretty important to super important).

Are you ready for the countdown?… Let’s go!

#5 The Christmas Holiday Kickoff

Let’s start here. The timespan between between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day is the ONLY time where you can play the same 25 Christmas songs over and over and over again and it’s OK. Any time before that OR after that is OUT OF ORDER. Therefore, let the commence music COMMENCE (but don’t get crazy with it).

#4 The Food

I’m an eater… I’ve been one all my life… I eat everyday… and I would say that I’m pretty good at it… but there’s something about the span between Thanksgiving and New Years that’s just full of awesome dinners. Sure there’s the traditional Turkey, but if you’re from a family like mine, you get copious amounts of all kinds of food AND depending on who’s house you’re visiting, you might even get an adventurous and tasty suprise… or two… or twenty.

#3 Family and Friends

Just because “family and friends” is in the #3 spot DOES NOT, in no way, diminish it’s significance (because once you see what’s in the 3 through 1 spots, you’ll understand). I love my family dearly and because I don’t live closeby, that makes holiday times like these that much more special.

#2 The Fellowship

Why is this different and seperate from #3? Simple. I’ve learned over my lifetime that just because you’re related doesn’t mean that you have to love/like your relatives. Family members can be in the same room and hate each others guts. I’m blessed to say that’s not the case with my lovey dovey ooey gooey family. Fellowship, which to me is being able to have an awesome time laughing, joking, kidding around, eating, and sharing saying what you’re thankful for, is a MAJOR thing I love about Thanksgiving.

#1 The Actual Giving of Thanks

The Bible says that we should give thanks continually (1 Thessalonians 5:16) because it’s God’s will for us in Christ Jesus. That alone is enough for me to end this section, BUT, for me, the actual giving of thanks in a public forum (at least it’s pretty public with my family) gives me the opportunity to tell a lot of people how God has kept me throughout the year and how I’m looking forward to what’s in store. I think that’s awesome!

What are some things that you absolutely loooooooove about Thanksgiving?


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