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The People v. Daylight Savings Time [Part 2/2]

Over this last past weekend, we all “fell back” one hour launching us out of daylight savings time into our respective time zones. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, I thought I would present this oldie but goodie blog for your enjoyment.

Music and Musings

*You are now reading the closing arguments of this landmark case. Special thanks to my guest blog writer today, my sister, for writing this. Which side are you on?

WRITER’S NOTE: When you read it, think Foghorn Leghorn meets Matlock.


“Daylight Savings Time. You spring forward, then you fall back. Just like getting out of bed in the morning.

As we are all aware DST is the practice of advancing clocks during the summer months so that evenings have more apparent daylight and mornings have less. Typically clocks are adjusted forward one hour near the start of spring and are adjusted backward in autumn. Now, my dear friend would have you believe that DST is “a menace to our modern day society”. However I firmly believe that counsel just needs to “FALL BACK”!

(hold for laughter)

I’m just a simple country lawyer and I like to…

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