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The People v. Daylight Savings Time [Part 1/2]

Over this last past weekend, we all “fell back” one hour launching us out of daylight savings time into our respective time zones. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, I thought I would present this oldie but goodie blog for your enjoyment.

Music and Musings

*You are now reading the closing arguments of this landmark case. Which side are you on?


“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Let me start by saying that DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME IS A MENACE TO OUR MODERN DAY SOCIETY! You’ve heard the testimony, you’ve seen the evidence, you know how you personally feel about this even though you have to be judicial in your decision. Opposing counsel is going to argue for all of the good that daylight savings has on who we are as a society, but I submit to you that if daylight savings time is such a great institution, then why aren’t we, as a modern, technological, increasingly sedentary, “visual media” locked society, in a position where we can enjoy the “supposed benefits” of it? Let me explain.

You may say that DST gives us more sunlight, hence the original argument of Daylight Savings…

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