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Vacay [Part 5/6]: Family Is Everything

This blog series comes from a recent vacation that my wife and I took. Had time to clear the old noggin and here’s the “bloggy goodness” that has come as a result. Enjoy!

When I got married, I inherited the following: another set of parents (the state calls them “in-laws”, but I consider them another set of parents), one additional brother, two additional sisters, three nieces, and one nephew. I’ve been married to my wife for 7+ years meaning that I’ve been around my “familial inheritance” for at least that long (but definitely longer than that). In a nutshell, room and board for our vacation was covered by my wife’s brother and his family–a part of the immediate family we don’t get to see very often because they live a good distance away from us.

That wasn’t the case this time… and it was pretty awesome!

You never feel older than when you go to visit two neices and one nephew that used to be “knee-high to a duck” and can now “look you square in your eyes” because they’re so tall. On top of that, just catching up with everybody was fun. Seeing where everybody is in their lives, goals, dreams, aspirations, achievements, progress, and everything else in-between. So you can imagine that when it was time to go how difficult it was to say goodbye. I mentioned in the last blog about “tearful goodbyes”, but the great thing about a “goodbye” is that the next “hello” will be that much sweeter.

There’s nothing like family and I love mine dearly. Doesn’t mean that everything is great all the time, but it also doesn’t mean that everything is bad all the time either. Family are the people who love you enough to love you through it all.

So to all my readers out there, you should take a minute to send a little neighborly “Hi!” to your family today.


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