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Teach Them Well

This blog posting is dedicated to ALL of my former piano and music students who are growing into/have grown into wonderful young men and women. I’m so proud of you all and wouldn’t be the teacher that I am without you. Keep on keepin’ on for the glory of God!

For all of my readers who may be old/retired teachers, this blog is going to make a lot of sense. For all of my readers who are new teachers, keep on teaching and you’ll understand what this blog means soon enough.

A very interesting thing happened to me last evening. As I was checking my Facebook feed, I came across the picture of a former piano student of mine. It was on his father’s page and the picture was of my former student in his college cap and gown and his mother and father. Naturally, I clicked the “Like” button and kept on scrolling.

Then I received a friend request from my former student. Naturally, I accepted (only THEN realizing that we weren’t FB friends).

THEN I received a message from my former student saying simply “Hey Mr. Thomas!!” to which I responded back with a chunky response that included “Hello” as well as congratulations on his college graduation so on and so forth. Then I received a message from him that blew my socks off. He said:

“Thank you! I want you to know that you were a huge inspiration to me in the music world, and last week I accepted a music teaching job in the city of Newport News! I had my senior recital about 2 years ago and it was a success. So even though it was long ago, thank you for the music lessons and knowledge that you helped me achieve back then!”

And when I read this, you could have stuck a fork in me because I was DONE. I just could not stop myself from smiling (aka “cheesin’ “) from ear to ear because THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT! To know that the music lessons I gave this young man almost a decade ago has resonated with him all this time and inspired him to do even greater works… it’s just an indescribable feeling (so much so that I had trouble going to sleep).

ADD TO THAT… this news came at the same time as another piano student of mine, who already has two CD recordings under his belt, debuted his smooth jazz piano skills up at the legendary Twins Jazz Club in Washington DC.

AND ADD TO THAT… this news came on the eve of yet ANOTHER piano student of mine who will be graduating high school tomorrow (THU 5/29/2014) and moving on to Hampton University down in Hampton, VA (my “little Lalah Hathaway”).

The bottom line is simply this: TEACH THEM WELL! Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and if you teach them properly, then they’ll carry it with them and do GREATER works (lining up with what Jesus said in John 14:12).

…and then this morning a strange second feeling hit me that my wife so lovingly confirmed after hearing this Facebook story: “I’ve been teaching for a long time and I’m getting old!”

(but that’s a blog for a different day)


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