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The Importance of Being Professional

Professionalism is essential for professionals.

I hear you out there in Blogland. “Duh! Way to state the obvious.” You would think that a statement like that would be a given, but if you’re like me (and I’m sure you are)… YOU ARE HUMAN. Sometimes you don’t want to be professional even in situations where you need to be professional. I’m here to remind you that if you are summoned for your professional services, that warrants your professional attitude regardless of how feel. This gets into the lost art of “denying your feelings”. Think about how many things in your life are determined by how you feel. For example:

The food you eat.

The clothes you wear.

The music you listen to.

The TV/movies that you watch.

The company you keep.

The things you say and do.

The loyalties you keep to others.

I think we can agree that all of those things (and so much more) are majorly determined by how we feel on a given day. However, when it comes to your professionalism, all of those things based on your feelings need to be placed to the side because, simply put, your PROFESSION depends on it. Additionally, you can’t function well in your profession when your feelings are dictating your attitude and, ultimately, your quality of work.

So remember that when it comes to professionalism, a little emotional denial can go a long way. In fact, if you channel the energy from your emotional denial (not the denial itself) into your music, you never know what greatness you might come up with.

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