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Fail to Plan? Plan to Fail. [Part 2/2]

“He who fails to plan, is planning to fail.” -Winston Churchill (during World War II)

One thing that I cannot do in this two-part series is give you a “5 steps to success” or “10 ways to plan” or “20 ideas on music careers”. In all honesty, I’m still working out the planning stages of my own music-career, but trust and believe that I do have a plan. Just like snowflakes are not the same, musicians are not the same either so a plan of success is dependent on the musician in question and a number of other variables. Regardless of the “musical career path challenge”, just know that when it comes to “the business side of your musical craft”, a plan is worth its weight in gold. As far as what your plan should be, I would simply suggest this one thing:


“Study what?” said the reader of this blog.

“Glad you asked” said the writer of this blog.

Study successful musicians and their stories, but most importantly focus on where they failed and the lessons they learned from it. There are a number of great TV shows dealing specifically with this (for example TV One’s “Unsung” or — for the older cats — VH1’s “Behind the Music”). There are books and blogs and all that good stuff too, but the TV shows are a good educational start. The bottom line is simply this:

The wheel exists (so no need to reinvent it).
Translation: “The answer is out there so make sure you ask the right question.”

Just make sure that you’re doing something because “doing nothing” is a plan that always succeeds.

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