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Don’t Forget To Give Thanks

To all of my blog followers and visitors, I just wanted to remind you that as we are observing Thanksgiving this week, enjoy time with family and friends and be truly greatful. God has blessed us to see another Thanksgiving and for all the ways it COULD have turned out, it didn’t turn out that way. That alone is enough to be thankful for, but I’m sure you all have so much more to be thankful for.


Where this blog is concerned, I am thankful for you, the reader. Hopefully all that you’ve read up to this point has either fascinated you, encouraged you, enlightened you, made you laugh, made you think, or just made you feel better. Ultimately, I appreciate each and every one of you.

Bottom line, don’t forget to give thanks on Thanksgiving. Have a great week. Blogs will reconvene on next week. In the meantime, I would like to share with you one of my favorite gospel selections. This is “Be Grateful” by Walter Hawkins (an oldie, but a goodie). Enjoy!



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