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The “I Do” Series [Part 8/8]: A Simple Task

So many funny and interesting things can happen between “rehearsal” and “ceremony” (or, at least, funny and interesting to me). Everything from unfinished programs to “where are the flowers” to “where is the groom” can just fill your wedding rehearsal hours with joy… or “joy” (depending on the situation). The thing that I find so funny and interesting is that months and months (sometimes years) of preparation go into an event that will only last roughly 30 minutes of which the main focus sometimes gets lost in minutia. Weddings are about two imperfect people coming together in the sight of a perfect God with the intention of spending the remainder of their lives together in an institution designed to serve as an example of God’s love and reconcilliation. As a musician, I’ve attended more weddings than I can count. Unless I actually know the bride and groom personally, I typically don’t keep up with what happens after “I do” (which always keeps my wedding ceremony success rate at 100%). My prayer and hope is that it’s for real and not just for show because marriage is serious and to be a part of that special day is an honor. To all my wedding musicians out there, keep in mind that your overall duties are simple:

1. Be professional.
2. Make the wedding ceremony sound great.
3. Remember that you are there to serve (in other words “it’s not about you”).

As long as you remember those three things, then you’re doing your job.

What do you think? Shared wisdom makes us all stronger.


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