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The “I Do” Series [Part 6/8]: Sounds Good To Me

When you think of a traditional wedding, what musical instruments do you typically think of? Piano? Organ? Harp? Violin? Those are generally the ones I think of, but I’m here to tell you that sometimes different and unusual combinations work. I remember playing a wedding with a flute and violin player and for as much as I couldn’t work that out in my head when I read it, the sound was amazing in person. Although that may have been unusual to me, to somebody else it might be a “regular day”. The bottom line is simply this, don’t dismiss instrumental combinations if they don’t make sense on paper. Some of the best music you’ll ever experience may be the result of something you hadn’t thought of (whether it be in a playing situation, a composing situation, or anything else inbetween).

Think about it like this… a crayon in and of itself is just a crayon, but a crayon in the hands of Leonardo da Vinci ceases to be “just a crayon” and turns into a medium for genius to flow through. Therefore, even if the instrument (or instrumental combination) is unusual to you, the skill and talent of the person playing the instrument may change your mind right before it blows your mind and THAT will cause you to say “Sounds good to me.”

Just a thought.

What do you think? Shared wisdom makes us all stronger.

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