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The “I Do” Series [Part 3/8]: The Test of Endurance

This blog is brought to you in the wake of my own wedding anniversary just a few days ago so just a quick note to my wife to simply say 143.

The bride is having second thoughts… the groom is late… bridemaids are having wardrobe malfunctions… the limo is on the way and almost there, but not there yet… the church is full of people who have nothing to do except listen to you before the main event starts… and you’re running out of songs to play. Sometimes weddings can be a test of endurance because any number of things can happen that could delay the start of the wedding ceremony. As a well rounded, well prepared musician, always make sure that you have an army of songs ready to go (songs that aren’t already a part of the actual ceremony). I learned a long time ago that having a plan can go a long way and as a wedding pianist/keyboardist, you should have a backup plan just in case the ceremony is delayed. Typically most songs last about five minutes (taking into account that you don’t play a 40 minute solo per song), so prepare a list of about 12 songs because the math works out pretty good (12 songs at 5 minutes per song equals 1 hours worth of material).

The hope is that you won’t need it because playing for an hour straight is definitely a test of endurance, but in case you need it you’ll be ready.

What do you think? Shared wisdom makes us all stronger.



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