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The Birthday Blog Top 10 Countdown

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! Generally, I post a number of things that I’ve learned based on the number of my age (i.e. – “21 Things I Learned In 21 Years”, so on and so forth). This year I’m just doing a top 10 countdown. Therefore, here’s the beginning statement…


10. …TO ESTABLISH PRECENDENCE. I know that I learned way more than 10 things in a year, but the major thing that I learned is that the future is important. In other words, would I really be able to write about “50 things I learned in 50 years” or “100 things I learned in 100 years”? Ummmm… that would be a no!

9. …THAT GYM MEMBERSHIPS STILL DON’T MAKE ME LOSE WEIGHT. I’ve said it before, said it again, got a new gym membership, and cancelled aforementioned new gym membership. Yeah… no weight lost. As a result, see #8.

8. …THAT I NEED TO EMBRACE THE “CHUNKY MAN” ON THE INSIDE OF ME. I like to eat. In fact, I’m a fan of eating well (which doesn’t help with the point I made in #9). I just need to accept that… and some chicken… and collard greens cooked in fatback… and mashed potatoes with gravy… and hot rolls… and macaroni and cheese… and potato salad… and pound cake… and apple pie… and ice cream… and a diet soda (for justification).

7. …THAT I NEED TO EMBRACE THE “OLD MAN” ON THE INSIDE OF ME. As I’m getting older, I’m noticing that things are starting to annoy me in the same manner that old people get annoyed. Since I’m not going to pull a Benjamin Button and get any younger, I might as well get settled into my “Old Man-ness”.

6. …ACCEPTANCE. Everything that happens can only happen the way it happened and can’t happen any other way.

5. …THAT MY TIME IS IMPORTANT. It is… it really is… therefore wasting it is not an option.


3. …THAT FAMILY AND FRIENDS ARE IMPORTANT. Family, friends, family that are like friends, and friends that are like family are so important to the whole of a person.

2. …THAT I LOVE MY WIFE DEARLY. I do. I really do. I couldn’t imagine doing any of this without her love and support. Moreso than that, any lady that can hang with a guy like me definitely deserves a whooooooole lot of love. LOL!

1. …THAT GOD IS EVERYTHING. It is oh-so-true, but the Bible says it best. “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” -Revelation 22:13


One thought on “The Birthday Blog Top 10 Countdown

  1. Absolutely love this list of top 10! They’re all so insightful! It’s going to be a great year for you! Happy Birthday!!!!

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