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Record First, Ask Questions Later

I have a digital recorder on my cell phone now. Before then I had an actual digital recorder with a USB port. Before then I had a mini-tape recorder. Before then I had the old-school TDK tape recorder. And if all else failed, I had pencil and paper (but nowadays I use “Post-It’s”). Why? Because you never know when a spark of musical inspiration will hit. I’ve learned that as quickly as an idea can pop up in your head, it can disappear. Case in point. Have you ever had that genius idea… but you were sleep at the time… then you told yourself “I’ll remember it when I wake up”… and as soon as you do it’s gone? So simply put, make sure you have some kind of recording device closeby (from something that runs on batteries to a pencil and paper). Get your ideas down and even if you don’t use them right away, they might come in handy down the road when you need that smooth groove or that funky tune. Simply put, record first and ask questions later.
What do you think? Shared wisdom makes us all stronger.

3 thoughts on “Record First, Ask Questions Later

  1. My thoughts exactly. I too know how quickly a great idea for a blog post evaporates if I don’t record it somewhere. I also have a digital recorder on my phone, but my weapon of choice to defeat poor memory is Evernote which now resides on my iPhone, my tablet, and my laptop. Great post and great advice.

    • Thank you so much “Opinionated Miscellany”. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way too many times so recording devices are a significant part of my life. I’m not familiar with Evernote, but I’ll check it out. Thanks.

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